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Special alloy

  Precision alloy is one of the most mature functional materials, including magnetic, elasticity, heat expansion, double and resistance alloy, etc. In our own product grades: 1YC111 magnetic alloy, 3YC16, 3YC4P, 3YC4P2, 3YC916, 3YC4142, 3YC5556, 6YC35 elastic and pivot alloy, 4YC111 expansion and resistance alloy, 3YC903, 4J32B low expansion alloy, 6YC2B non-magnetic corrosion-resistant bear alloy. Domestic grades: lJ06, 1J12, lJl3, 1J16, lJl7, 1J18, 1J116, lJ1l7, 1J22, 1J30, 1J31, 1J32, 1J33, 1J34, 1J36, 1J38, 1J40, 1J403, 1J46, 1J50, 1J51, 1J52, 1J54, 1J65, 1J66, 1J67, 1J72, 1J76, 1J77, 1J79, 1J80, 1J83, 1J85, 1J86, 1J87, 2J4, 2J7, 2J9, 2J10, 2J11, 2J12, 2J21, 2J23, 2J25, 2J27, 2J31, 2J32, 2J33, 2J51, 2J52, 2J53, 2J63, 2J64, 2J65, 2J67, 2J83, 2J84, 2J85, 3J1, 3J2, 3J3, 3J9, 3J21, 3J22, 3J40, 3J53, 3J53P, 3J53Y, 3J58, 3J60, 3J63 elastic alloy, 4J6, 4J28, 4J29, 4J32, 4J33, 4J34, 4J36, 4J38, 4J40, 4J42, 4J143, 4J44, 4J45, 4J46, 4J47, 4J49, 4J50, 4J58, 4J78, 4J80, 4J82 expansion alloy, 6Jl0, 6J15, 6J20, 6J22, 6J23, 6J24 resistance alloy; foreign grades: 49Кф, 50H, 76HXд, 77HMд, 79HM, 52 К11ф, ГOCT6862, 30X23К, ГOCT14117, 40КHXMBTЮ, 42HXTЮ, 44HXTЮ, ГOCT14080, 33HК, Alloy1, Alloy3, Alloy4, Type2, FeCrCo25, AMS5221C, AMS7717B, ASTMF15, ASTMF29, Invar, C902 serial alloy.

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