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  High temperature alloy is also called thermal alloy, heat-resistant alloy and super alloy, including iron, nickel and cobalt based three categories. Between high temperature alloy refers to the range of 253 ~ 1350 has good resistance to oxidation of internal energy under high stress, corrosion resistance and long term stability of the alloy. Our development and production of high temperature alloy material grades are: GH1015, GH1016, GH1035, GH1131, GH1140, GH2132, GH2150, GH2302, GH2696, GH2761, GH2901, GH2903, GH2907, GH3007, GH3030, GH3039, GH3044, GH3128, GH3170, GH3536, GH3600, GH3625, GH4033, GH4037, GH4049, GH4080A, GH4090, GH4093, GH4099, GH4105, GH4133B, GH4141, GH4145, GH4163, GH4169, GH4220, GH4500, GH4698, GH4710, GH4738, GH4742, GH5188, GH5605, GH6159, 3YC17, 3YC44, 3YC51, 3YC52, 3YC53, 3YC54, 3YC64, 4YC4, foreign grades Inconel617, Inconel686, Inconel718, Inconel718SPF, Inconel783, inconel X-750, Incoloy903, Incoloy907, IncoloyA-286, ЗИ, ЭП, INCONEL, INCOLOY, NIMONIC, UDIMET, MONEL, ATI, HASTELLOY, HAYNES, CARPENTER, MP, Rere41 and Waspalloy serial alloy.

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