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  Machinery industrial instrument materials products quality supervision and inspection center is a national specialized in technical services and consulting organizations test (calibration) and is the linked unit of "Instrument Functional Materials Productivity Promotion Center" and "National Instrument Functional Materials Standardization Technical Committee". Obtained the National Measurement Accreditation and institutional accreditation in 1999, Chongqing Municipal forensic license in 2000, and China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) for testing and calibration laboratory accreditation in 2001, issued by a third party with the domestic and international testing (calibration) reports ability and qualifications.

  Test center is mainly engaged in metal and alloy, iron and steel materials, ferromagnetic materials, precious metals, temperature materials and components, resistance materials such as material performance testing, mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical analysis, thermal performance, corrosion resistance performance, metal), quality evaluation and arbitration test, failure analysis, judicial identification, standard system revision test and detection technology consulting services.

  Test center has undertaken a number of countries and research projects in Chongqing, formulated and revised a number of national standards and industry standards in recent years, and achieved satisfactory results in several laboratory proficiency testing activities.

  As a third party testing institutions, according to the CNAS - CL01 testing and calibration laboratory criteria for recognition, JJF1033 measurement standard inspection specification, JJF1069 statutory metrological verification institutions examination standard, the laboratory aptitude assessment criteria "and other laws and regulations requirements, test center set up a standardized quality management system, the determination with scientific methods, advanced technology and fair attitude, honest style, high quality service for the customer provides the science fair, accurate and reliable, high quality satisfactory test, calibration services.

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